THE VISION: Empowering Kingdom Families and Raising Kingdom Generals

Books by Pastor Joseph Aladetan 

Many have surrendered to the lies that the devil tells them while going through challenges. They have given up their destiny and lost focus on eternity as they face the storms of life. Many have cursed themselves, abandoned their vision, and renounced God during their trials of faith, becoming atheists, sorcerers, and occultists and completely turning away from God.

Is anything too difficult for God to do? No. Over the Storm of Life was written to inform, to inspire, to bless, and to transform lives and strengthen faith. Faith is called the spiritual horsepower that God has wonderfully and marvelously planted in all human DNA. We can exercise dominion power, like Him and like Jesus Christ, over every storm in our lives.

This book is a revelation of the secret armor of God against every storm that tries to contend with the will of God in human lives, showing God’s faithfulness and trustworthiness from eternity past to eternity without end. God will never fail in whatever He wills and promises to do, even when physical circumstances and situations suggest otherwise. Success begins where failure ends! Failure and tribulation are the ladders to move you to the next level when you activate the spiritual horsepower of faith.

Trust God’s Word and His covenant promises. Don’t settle for the rat race. Strive for God’s inheritance.  BUY NOW