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Our passion for community development will focus on family empowerment
You can join us during any of our prayer meetings for divine intervention in any difficult situation you might be facing. God is able to deliver anyone.
You can also join us during our Bible studies to learn more about the word of God and be rooted in it.

THE VISION: Empowering Kingdom Families and Raising Kingdom Generals

Roles and Responsibilities in the Home

Questions in the Heart TV Show. Esther sits with Pastor, Author and Marriage Counselor J.O.Y Aladetan and discusses the topic of Roles and Responsibilities in the Home with him.

Video Interview

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Meet our Pastor

J.O.Y Aladetan was raised from amongst the despised, out of the slimy pit, from the mud and mire to preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God to all races, tribes, kings and nations.


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