THE VISION: Empowering Kingdom Families and Raising Kingdom Generals

Jesus refers to what the law says on this subject and the warning against the breaking ot oaths but Jesus warned that we must not swear to any oath at all, ‘why’? because every oath consciously or unconsciously entered into eventually put one in bondage.

Again, oath making could run contrary to the will of God for your life and stagnate your life because every unfulfilling oath put your integrity on the line and making you to risk your relationship and fellowship with God and man.

Jesus says: Simply let your ‘YES’ be Yes, and your ‘NO’ be No, anything beyond this comes from the evil one. (Matt. 5:37). Kingdom character demands that we should exhibit such integrity of character that we do not have to make any kind of oath to indicate our truthfulness but to be a person of trustworthiness.